Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gettysburg Trip

We left on Saturday and had our first stay with a Harvest Host in Catawissa, PA at Rohrbach's Farm Stand.  It was crazy getting there because of the steep hills but the view was great and really quiet.  We did get homemade soup and lunch meat at the store as well as an ice cream.  It sure was better then Wal-Mart!
We had a great time in Gettysburg!  It was the first time taking the trailer with the smart car in it.  What a difference it made in getting around to sight see.  The weather was fantastic all week and we drove with the top down most of the time.  We thoroughly enjoyed the segway tour so much so that we took a second tour.
There is so much to see and learn there. The visitor museum movie and cyclorama was fantastic as well as the diorama, the spirits of Gettysburg, and the Lincoln Train Museum.  We had lunch out most days. Dobbin's House had a great french onion soup and spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing.  O'roukes was good too as was the Blue and Gray and the Gary Owen Irish pub.  The Artillery Ridge Campground was so close to everything and they had a pond that Rich fished in a couple of times.  We met some very nice people that were camping there and even had a fire with them one night.  We left there and headed to Hershey Park for America's largest RV show. It was huge. We dry camped in a field across the street which was really convenient.  We left there Saturday morning and went to see Bill's Bike Barn and Museum which was cool. We then found ourselves at Hemlock Campground in Tobyhanna, PA where we stayed in 2012 and liked it.  Home tomorrow but we sure love being on the road!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cozy Hills Campground, Bantam CT

A last minute get away in our own state and it felt like we've been here a week.   We found this place at the Springfield Camp Show.  It has turned out to be a wonderful find.  It has a little restaurant with fantastic homemade food too. 

Rich had a great time fishing in between napping.  There is a nice pool although we didn't use it.  The people here were friendly.  We learned from the new owner, Lelah, some of the history.  The property used to be owned by Igor Sikorsky and then a girl scout camp, and the last owner died here at only 48 of a massive heart attack.   We went on a walk with Lelah and another person who was a seasonal through the property on Sunday morning.  They also have Sunday morning yoga which I will do next time here.

We were told that they have some good bands during the season so we are going to try to come back for one of them. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New trailer pick up!

May 22.  We picked up our new trailer in Douglas,  GA this Memorial Day weekend.      We headed to Metter,  GA and spent the night at Beaver Run RV Park.  It was really great to have the time to relax and walk around the park.  They even brought us hot chocolate chip cookies!  We're getting ready to head back home.