Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Canada - Nova Scotia Trip 2016

We are crossing off another bucket list item: Nova Scotia. We spent the first night at LLBean in Freeport. Who knew LL stands for Leon Leonwood? We ended up at the bike store at 11 PM buying new comfy seats for our bikes. We went through Customs with no problem and landed at our destination-Granite Town Blueberry Farm in St. George, New Brunswick late in the afternoon-beautiful ride but real hilly. We stopped at our first Canadian Visitor Center. They are unbelievable-so helpful there. They even gave us a bag of "chicken bones" which is a Canadian candy that has chocolate in the middle and a cinnamon hard shell coating. They also gave us a bag of edible seaweed. Rich put our new seats on the bikes and right from where we stayed there was a beautiful bike path. It's been awhile since either of us had ridden and it felt great except for the hornet's nest we disturbed on a lookout and one decided to sting me! Since we had a late lunch, neither of us was real hungry so we had a very grown up dinner. We shared a piece of blueberry pie and root beer floats! Tomorrow we head to the Bay of Fundy.

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