Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground, Cruso NC

We reluctantly left Blowing Rock this morning.   What a nice little town.  We also found a geocache before we left. 

We had a nice ride on this section of the Blue Ridge.   Lots of tunnels-we lost track of how many.  We took our time so consequently we didn't make Maggie Valley or the Wheels Through Time Museum but we have plenty of time to still do that too.

We had lunch in Hendersonville at Tupelo Honey.   I had peach rosemary lemonade and it was fantastic. 

With thunder storms predicted for tonight we opted to get a cabin instead of a tent. It was a good thing because we rode the last 20 minutes in the rain.  It didn't last long. We cooked mac and cheese on the picnic table.  Our cabin overlooks a pond and it is so quiet except for the bullfrog.  It's a complete change from where we stayed last night!

After talking to some people here, tomorrow we are headed to finish the Blue Ridge and stay in Robbinsville.  Let's hope the weather cooperates.


  1. Your cabbin is so cute! What an adventure you are both having, safe riding and soak in the view's.

  2. We want to know if your head and feet touched the walls when you laid down...haha...