Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ride to Wytheville VA

We got an early start and did back roads through KY that were great.  The sun actually was out!  All was well until lunch time.   We were getting on the bikes when Rich popped the lense out of his glasses.   I tried to put the screw back in but it was stripped.   A trip 12 miles back to a Walmart vision center where a nice optician fixed his glasses.

Of course, by that time a thunderstorm had developed so we waited until it passed.  Back on the road, we kept stopping to wait out the rain.  One stop we found had an overhang and a nice older guy that we talked to for quite awhile.

We were hoping to camp but when it is raining, a hotel is the answer!

Miles: 259


  1. 259 miles...way to push those butt muscles to their max.

  2. I hope you're saving your trail. It would be fun to see the total path that you've followed.

  3. Leave it to technician A to have a problem...monkey wrench... Hahaha