Friday, July 13, 2012

A Jaunt through TN and KY

Well it wasn't sunny but at least it wasn't raining (until the ride home).  We mapped out a nice loop that dropped back into TN and then into KY.  Great roads but so many closed businesses and poor areas.  SR700 was an especially nice ride. 

We rode through the Daniel Boone National Forest-that is where the bridge picture was taken. 

We ended the ride at KFC in Corbin, KY.  There is a museum/restaurant where Colonel Sanders started it all.  We were good and had the grilled chicken which was surprisingly good.  The history and displays were interesting. 

Miles: 145 today.


  1. We were planning on stopping at that KFC when we do our "south" trip, too!

  2. I'm proud to see that Rich didnt have a chicken leg in his mouth while sitting next to the Colonel. Although that would have been a funnier pose. Keep the rubber side down and the painted side up. p.s. Did you get a "I survived the Tail of the Dragon, episode 2" shirt for doing it twice? How cool!