Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Riding in the Rain

We were starting the Tail of the Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles) at 8:30 AM.  I almost chickened out but we came this far- I had to do it.  I'm glad I did it!  It wasn't as scary as I thought and I couldn't believe it was over by 9.  We now have t-shirts that we survived the Dragon. 

Unfortunately as we were headed to the Cherohala, it started to rain.  It was foggy so there weren't any views.  The event that made it worth the rain was that we saw a bear.  It ran across in front of Rich and over the guard rail into the woods.

Due to the rainy forecast, we've decided to head to Kentucky tomorrow morning.   We'll see how far we get.


  1. Nice to know you were able to play with the dragoon and not get bit. We're going to call you dragon slayers, now!

  2. Nice job Sue! Love the pictures especially of the Dragon and the car bush and of course of the two of you under the Deals Gap sign. Glad to see that none of your motorcycle parts adorn the "Tree of Shame". Thats great. Still envious of the 'giving you free rags' to clean your bikes. What a country!