Sunday, September 11, 2016

An Awesome Finish to Our Vacation

Joining Harvest Host has been well worth it. On Friday, I called Misty Acres Alpaca Farm in Maine and asked if we could stay Saturday night. He was so friendly and said yes - no problem - just drive past the house and down the hill and park anywhere you want and we could hook up to power and water if we wanted to. There was no one around so we found a level spot and parked it. We didn't see anyone until early evening when Scott and Sally showed up with two alpacas that had been to a local fair. They were so nice and told us about some of the alpacas. It was so quiet there - and the stars were unbelievable. Saturday morning we woke up early and found out why it's called Misty Acres - the hills were covered in mist and it was so pretty. Red, the owner, came by to get some alpacas to take the fair and told us we were welcome to stay another night if we wanted. The winery I had called and left a message, didn't call back so we decided to stay a second night. We offered to help Scott and Sally clean up the barn and feed them. They are very gentle animals and so soft. They are very much like cats in that they will pay attention to you on their terms. They all pee and poop in the same spot so clean up is pretty quick. Scott and Sally are in between homes so their alpacas are staying there. They were so generous with their time and answering all our questions. I bought some alpaca yarn that I can't wait to use and a pair of hiking socks made from alpaca. We spent Sunday puttering around the motorhome and watching the animals. It was so relaxing. They like it cool so they come out of the barn at night. The little ones would pronk which is bouncing and it was so fun to watch them. They are a herding animal so if one does something, they all follow. Having all day to watch them, we really learned a lot. We were sad to have to leave on Monday morning but it was a great experience. We headed back to reality - traffic, crowds of people and we wanted to head back to watch the alpacas! We are so glad we had the opportunity to get to Nova Scotia and ride the Cabot Trail and a surprise visit to an alpaca farm along the way.

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