Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bucket List Day-Riding the Cabot Trail!

Sunday was a perfect day for a motorcycle ride! It was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky and temperatures in the 70s. We have been talking about doing this ride for a few years now so it was awesome to actually have it happen. The scenic views were never ending and lots of curves. A couple of times we would come up to the top of the hill and it looked like you were going to drive right into the water. We stopped at the Coastal Restaurant and we both got hats. We've been following the Cabot Trail Biker and he's the only one that sells hats and t-shirts with the Cabot Trail on it. We got a lot of information from reading his posts so we thought we would give him some business. There aren't a lot of restaurants on the trail so we stopped at a little general store and had burgers but there was no place to sit so we stood outside and ate them. They were delicious and it was fun to look around. They were selling a gallon of milk for $8.70. Groceries were very expensive in general in Canada. We drove the dirt road to Meat Cove trying to avoid some crazy guy driving a motorhome down the road. This road was so loaded with potholes that everything in it must have been bouncing! There were a lot of people camping at Meat Cove in all kinds of things: travel trailers, pop ups, tents etc. The views were just beautiful and they even have a snack bar up there and free wi-fi. Tim had ridden the Trail last year so it was great to have a guide. He knew which stops were worth stopping for etc. It was a long day to go all the way around - we made a few stops to take pictures of the views and stretch our legs but all in all one of the best days of riding!

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