Sunday, September 11, 2016

Our Waterfall Hike and Motorcycle Ride

On Wednesday, we woke up to another beautiful, sunshine, blue sky day. We hiked Uisge Ban Falls. It was a much easier hike with a fantastic waterfall. It also had the great smell of balsam again. We did the hike in the morning and then went back to the campground for lunch and to get the motorcycles out. We went for a random ride of backroads on the bikes. It was great with no traffic around at all. We got to one road that wasn't paved. In fact, it looked more like a cow path then a road. Tim took the lead on this one which was fine for him because he has a dual sport bike-now keep in mind the Paholsky's following him did not. I will say that after we were done it was fun but the first puddle that was really deep and long, I wasn't having fun. There were lots of rocks, holes and puddles. By the end of the road, I had a new name for Tim and it was "F'ing Landry"! It really was fun but it would have been a lot more fun on a different bike.

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