Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thursday and Friday

We left Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground on Thursday morning and headed to Amherst, Nova Scotia. It was our first stop heading home. We decided to take our time going home and enjoy some other places on the way back. Thursday night we stayed at Lock Lomond and it was a very well kept campground. We got in early afternoon and got our laundry done and walked around the campground which was on a lake. We had a late afternoon shower but it didn't last long. Friday morning we headed out of Nova Scotia and into New Brunswick. It worked out that we could stay at the Granite Town Blueberry Farm in St. George again. We arrived mid-afternoon and had a great view of the water until two Canadian couples parked right in front of us. It turns out they were very nice and invited us over to join them for happy hour. They left to go out to dinner and we took a walk on the path. While we were walking, we heard a few popping noises and when we looked, all we could see was black smoke over by the highway. It was a camper on fire. Luckily the guy had unhooked it from his car but it burned right to the ground. The owners of the blueberry place came out to see what was going on and we spent quite awhile talking to them-very nice people. As we were watching the fire, Rich turned around and noticed not one but a double rainbow in back of us. So it turned out to be quite the evening.

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