Saturday, September 10, 2016

Headed to Baddeck-Cape Breton Island

We arrived on Friday afternoon at Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground to find that our site was on a very uneven and steep (for a motorhome) hill. But since we were last minute reservations that was all that was available. The owners were wonderful and they allowed us to move on Sunday when a flat site in the upper area became available. Tim and Caite arrived Friday evening after leaving LL Bean in Freeport, ME very early. Saturday was an overcast day with some showers around so we opted to go hiking in Mabou. It was a fabulous hike! We did a 7 mile hike on some trails that were rated "difficult". It was very wooded and sometimes we had to bushwhack through the vegetation to keep on the trail. We came out on an overlook where we met a family hiking too. When we first got there it was totally fogged in but we still took pictures and within five minutes the fogged cleared out and we took another picture. The weather up there changes so rapidly. After the hike we drove around and found a lighthouse and checked out a small marina that had some lobster boats. Mabou is very pretty in a remote way and I can't imagine what the winters there would be like.

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