Saturday, September 10, 2016

Monday and Tuesday on Cape Breton Island

On Sunday night after riding the Cabot Trail, we came back to the campground and we both moved to flatter spots. Tim was able to park right in back of us. It was so much nicer to be on flat ground and we had a beautiful view of the mountains. The owners of the campground were very accommodating and didn't even charge us for the upgrade in the site. We went from no hook ups to full hookup. Monday started out rainy so we went to visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. It was so interesting - more then any of us thought it would be. We spent a few hours learning about Alexander and his wife Mabel. We were all surprised to learn how much more then just the telephone that he invented. His wife Mabel was also very interesting and they both had a very big impact on the local community. After finishing at the museum, we went to lunch at the Red Barn. I had salted fish cakes and chow. I like salty and even I thought they were salty but the combination with the chow, it was delicious. We spend the rest of the afternoon driving around some scenic areas. We ended up in town about 3:00 only to have the power go out and most places closed. We did find an ice cream place open so we had one. We went back to the campground and found that the outage was there too but we were good. We had a fire outside until it started to rain again. We had really high winds and the camper actually moved a couple of times during the night. We woke up to clearing skies and decided to head over to the Fort of Louisbourg. It turned out to be a very interesting place. It was an old fortress from the 1700s that the Canadian government refurbished. It was stepping back in time. We spent most of the day there. We had lunch in an a period time tavern. For silverware, all you got was one old beat up pewter spoon and you used the handle end to dip into the sugar if you wanted some sugar in your coffee. We sat with 3 women who were just finishing up their lunch and were locals. They were very interesting and told us some of the history of the area. The population is down to 700 people and some of the schools have closed and the churches are low on members because the residents are moving away. On the advice of one of the women at lunch, we found the Louisbourg Lighthouse. We are so glad we went it was beautiful. The national parks in Canada have this red chair challenge going this summer. You find the two red adirondack chairs and take a picture and tell why it is your favorite. We found several of them in our travels so that was fun. There were two at the lighthouse tucked on a nearby hilltop. We got some beautiful pictures there. Caite is phenomenal with taking pictures so we deemed her the trip photographer. We went back to the campground and tried having a fire again with better success this time. We introduced Tim and Caite to grown up s'omores: chocolate covered cookies with toasted marshmallows.

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