Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chi-cheeman Ferry Ride

We had breakfast this morning at Carol`s and Earl`s Restaurant. It was a short walk from where we were staying.  It certainly was the small town diner!  (We later saw them getting the mail off the ferry.)

This was an awesome way to travel.  The ferry was huge!   (It can hold up to 240 cars.)  They had campers and trucks towing boats and commercial trucks.  They have car lifts to put another level of cars.  We had to tie down our bikes so they didn't tip over. 

A lot of people use this ferry to save time traveling and gas $$.  To drive around is about an 8 or 9 hour drive.

While we were waiting to load the ferry, we talked to a couple of guys that had been fishing.  They gave us lots of info on the area and were interesting to talk to.  They went over the weekend before when the weather was so bad up here.  They said you couldn't believe the swells. 

It was a beautiful day today and the water was very calm.  They have chairs and benches out on the decks so that people could enjoy the ride outside.  Inside they have a dining room and tables and even a gift shop.  The trip takes a couple of hours and it went by quickly.

We got off the boat, put on our gear and headed for Owen Sound.  It's not that far but it will cut down on our ride to Niagara Falls for tomorrow. 

Mileage:  70

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  1. I think were trading off on the rain. When you're dry, were wet. Cant wait to hear the many other stories and things you've seen. Looking forward to seeing you both. Safe travels back to the U.S.