Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 1 UP Trip

The day started off hopeful-no rain.  But that was short lived.   We hit rain in NY so we sat in McDonald's waiting for it to pass.  We did end up in it-lots of it.  We stopped in PA for gas and to warm up.   We dripped water everywhere!  It was cold and we were frozen and wet so the executive decision was made-Holiday Inn tonight!

The rest of the week's weather is looking promising so we hope today we paid our dues.

Tomorrow we are headed to Dearborn and will visit the Henry Ford museum on Monday. 

Here are some pictures that Gail and Joe took of us getting ready to leave.  Even Nox came over to day good bye.

Mileage today:  375

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  1. Booo for wet weather but Yay for the distance traveled despite the bad weather. Hope you catch some warmer drier air for the rest of this trip.