Sunday, September 21, 2014

Munising-Rain, Cold, and Windy!

The reason we put Munising on our itinerary was too see the Picture Rocks on a boat tour.  Today was the day to do it but Mother Nature had other plans. The boat was cancelled due to high winds and a small craft advisory. It was 48 but the "real feel" was 37. 

So we spent bits and pieces of our day at the Falling Rock Cafe.  A delightful place within walking distance of our motel.  We had breakfast there, went back for a mid-afternoon coffee and game of checkers, and then a light dinner.  It was a bit like being in the Cheers bar by dinner time.

The upside was the rain stopped so then it was just cold and windy.  We also did the glamorous job of doing some laundry.   

We were going to leave in the morning for Sault Ste. Marie but decided we really want to see the Picture Rocks so we're going on the morning tour and leaving in the afternoon instead. 

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  1. Oh my god could Rich be any more thrilled as he appears to be in that picture over that giant checkerboard. Lol.