Sunday, September 7, 2014

Snow Farm Weekend

We spent the weekend in Williamsburg, MA at Snow Village at a BMW Rally with dad and Gina. 

We had hot and humid weather Friday and Saturday but Sunday was perfect temperatures and no humidity. 

We rode to the Peace Pagoda, the Bridge of Flowers, and the glacier potholes on Saturday.  On Sunday, we stopped at Chesterfield Gorge and rode the Skyline Trail.  The Skyline was a great ride, one to do again.

We met so many nice people over the weekend.  There were around 22 people from all over.  We met Tamela Rich and Jill, who were traveling up to Acadia.  There was also a couple from Canada that offered us dinner and to stay with them when we get to Niagara Falls.

All and all a great weekend.  Now we'll spend this week getting ready for our Michigan trip which we are looking forward to.

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