Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tunnel of Trees

Tunnel of Trees was one of the top 10 motorcycle rides by the Discovery Channel. It did not disappoint!  The views on this narrow, twisty road along the shore of Lake Michigan were phenomenal.  There was very little traffic. Between the water views, old and new houses, and trees, we thoroughly enjoyed the 20 miles.  (We have now done 4 of the 10 rides.) 

As we were headed to the Tunnel of Trees, a guy pulled up next to me at a light and said there are two places you need to go and told me both things we were headed to do:  The ride and lunch.  We knew were on the right path.  It's so cool how people will talk to you when you are in a motorcycle.  We love it.

At the end of the route was a fantastic restaurant called Legs Inn at Cross Village.  It serves polish food in a great setting.  We had a combo lunch of periogies, a galumkie, Hunters stew with home made rye bread and potatoe pancakes.  For dessert, we split a crumb cake with fruit, topped with ice cream.  It was wonderful.  After lunch we went out on the back lawn and took pictures of the views and beautiful gardens. 

From there we headed to St. Ignace over the Mackinaw Bridge.  I'm glad I don't have to go over that again!  It is a very long suspension bridge.  The 5th longest in the world.  All I know is that the wind was so strong that we were getting blown sideways and the lovely metal grates that are part of the bridge weren't fun.

We found a little motel on the water in St. Ignace for the next couple of nights.  We unloaded the bikes and went for a long walk (much needed after our big lunch).  The wind is incredible here and of course COLD!  :-)  I'm glad we brought hat and gloves.  We found our first Michigan geocache on our walk.  Rich's favorite - pine tree caches. 

Short ride today: 149 miles.

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  1. We love reading your daily blog! So many incredible things you're seeing. And Im not surprised that so many people up there want to talk to you. They're probably saying to themselves, "look at these two crazy nuts from CT up here on motorcycles in late Sept...I gotta meet them!"