Thursday, September 25, 2014

Niagara Falls Canada

We are having difficulty getting used to being in traffic and having so many people around.  After being in the UP and having roads all to ourselves, it was a bit of a shock sharing the road with so many people!  We decided we really liked it being quiet. 

We arrived in Niagara Falls around 12:30.  We had a great pizza at Zappi's and then headed to the Falls.  I can see why it's much prettier on the Canadian side.  It is really an amazing site (and sound).  We took lots of pictures but you really need to see it and hear it personally. 

We walked all afternoon.  We were really surprised at some sections near the waterfall.  It reminded us of Time Square in NY.  I can't even imagine being here in season.  It has to be crazy! 

After having Rich take pictures all afternoon of the Skylon Tower, we called and we're able to get dinner reservations.  It was phenomenal (all except the elevator ride up and down the outside of the building!).  As we ate dinner, the tower slowly turned.  The views were awesome and the food was great.  On a clear day, you can see 80 miles away. 

After dinner we walked some more and yes we did end up at the casino and left them $25.  We were waiting for the lights on the Falls to light up.  It is cool but I don't think the different colors really add much to the natural beauty of the Falls. 

Tomorrow back to the states!  We are heading to Mariaville Lake Bed and Breakfast in NY for the weekend. 

Mileage:  167

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  1. I forgot how neat the falls look at night. I remember that space needle looking building too from our visit in 80?/ a couple years ago but didn't know that there was a restaurant on top let alone that it rotated. What an awesome trip this must have been. So very anxious to catch up with you.