Sunday, September 28, 2014

Home safe and sound!

We had a great breakfast at the B&B we stayed at.  I'm going to miss that!   We had such a nice time there and really enjoyed the owners Rick and Lorrie.  We hope to go back again some day.

The ride home was beautiful - sunny and warm!  We took all back roads for the most part.  (We wanted to miss the Big E traffic.)  We stopped at a little cafe in Massachusetts for a sandwich which was great.

But now it's back to reality!  We've already been to the grocery store, cleaned, and have the laundry going. 

It's been an unbelievable two weeks.  From the people we've met and the places we've seen, it's been incredible.  We're not sure where to next but that's part of the fun too.  So many places to see....

Today's Mileage:  151

Total trip mileage:  2,470

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